Safe Sanctuaries

The churches of the Greater Blairsville Cooperative Parish are committed to the safety of our children, youth, and vulnerable adults. To accomplish this task, we have developed the following Safe Sanctuary Training tools:

1. Safe Sanctuary Training Audio- Click the link below to listen to the 42 minute Audio File from the Safe Sanctuary Training held on Sunday, October 12th, 2014 at Black Lick UMC, led by Rev. Scott Shaffer. All Children and Youth Volunteers are required to listen to this presentation. Note that the Audio File is silent for the first 35 seconds before the presentation begins.

2. Safe Sanctuary Presentation- Click the link below to view the Powerpoint Presentation that accompanied the Safe Sanctuary Training event led by Rev. Scott Shaffer

3. Safe Sanctuary Policy- Blairsville First UMC- Click the link below to view the Blairsville First UMC’s official Safe Sanctuary Policy.

4. Safe Sanctuary Policy- Black Lick Circuit- Click the link below to view the Black Lick Circuit’s official Safe Sanctuary Policy.